As a national county association, the Croatian County Association is an organization founded in 2003 subsequent to the conclusion of the Foundation Agreement pursuant to the provisions of the Local and Regional Self-Government Act as to promote the regional self-government and foster and support the economic and social development of regional self-governmental units in the Republic of Croatia.

The Association members are united therein as to facilitate a joint activity in the realization of vital objectives of its foundation, especially in the promotion of the idea and practice of regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia.

Within the Association, its members

  • support the development of cooperation between the counties and local self-governmental units therein;
  • organize the experience exchange forms concerning the activity of regional self-governmental units in the Republic of Croatia;
  • harmonize their viewpoints and members’ activities regarding the national authorities and administrative bodies pertaining to the issues important for the development of local and regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia, especially on the proposals regulating these issues;
  • initiate research and other monitoring and study forms pertaining to regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia and in the world;
  • organize expert and scientific gatherings on regional self-government;
  • issue expert and other publications that accomplish the Association’s foundation goals;
  • participate in the international cooperation development, establishment, and maintenance of contacts with the congenial organizations in other countries and international organizations;
  • perform other activities that contribute to the Association’s foundation goals.