Projects / LADDER


EU project LADDER was the first European project that Croatian County Association took part in. It lasted three years and gatherd 27 partner-countries as well as 19 associates, all from 18 EU countries and 17 countries that are not EU members. LADDER was financed by the European Commission project “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities for Development: raising awareness about development issues and promoting development of education in European Union”. 

Main focus was at local authorities as main drivers for education about development and awareness raising; to put it in other words Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) approach. 

The main aim was to empower local authorities for their role in sustainable development processes and sensitizing citizens through DEAR approach. 

Furthermore, the DEAR’s main aim was to raise citizens awareness about world as dependent structure and to enable understanding of a given role and responsibilities in the globalized society.  

Total project worth was about 4 Million Euros, and Croatian County Association provided about 45 thousand Euros in three years